Frickin Absolutely Fantastic Comment about Richmond

The following comment was posted in response to the story I wrote about XTERRA Richmond. It was well written and well thought out and I thought it was worth highlighting. I have also commented on his comments. I invite you to do the same.

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Flying to Alabama early for some pre race prep

I would like to thank BUMP for inviting me to the 13th Annual Bump and Grind at Oak Mountain State Park. Unfortunately, it really wasn’t the performance I think anyone was looking for. I am sure my jet set schedule really was not ideal race prep and in the end I basically had no legs for racing. Oops. Anyways, it was an excellent chance to mountain bike on kick ass trails and a fun race to be a part of……. Continue reading “Flying to Alabama early for some pre race prep”

The Everest Awards

This year I had the honor of being nominated for an Everest Award at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado. Thanks to Joel Health and the crew at the Teva Games, I was convinced to change my plans for the second and third stop on the XTERRA tour in order to accommodate the awards night. Since I was already going to be in the US for the awards, I decided that I would also take part in the Oak Mountain Bump and Grind mountain bike race put on my BUMP on the same course that the XTERRA will be on in one week. Accommodating both the awards night and the mountain bike race meant a bit of in and out travel but nothing unmanageable. In fact, because I was in Colorado I decided I might as well go visit my friends at Descente in Boulder to do a bit of a fitting/fashion show of my new triathlon outfit. The weekend thus far as gone to plan so here is a bit of a recap… Continue reading “The Everest Awards”