And The Thank Yous Go To…..

2008, other than the obvious BLIP that happened at the Worlds, was fantastic. I won Temecula, Richmond, Utah, Tahoe, Canadian Offroad Triathlon Nationals and the Overall series. I also podiumed at the Sea Otter Classic, a national mountain bike stop on the Canada Cup tour, won the Squamish triathlon (setting a new race record and bike split record) and finished my first half Ironman in a respectable time (with limited prep – I’ll be back!).

Along with that I spoke to the LA Tri Club with my male counterpart Conrad Stoltz, spoke at the Bike Lane with my friend Cathy Coutinho, taught clinics at every stop on the North American XTERRA tour with my fellow Art Of XTERRA professors and offered monthly thoughts on XTERRA racing on It was a very good year.

This kind of a season is the product of a lot of passion, cooperation and talent. Much of which is not my own. In order for me to do this I need a team of partners to lend me their expertise and skills so that I can look good out there. So, without further ado, here is the list of thank yous to the group of people who help me to do what I do. It is pretty impressive.

But my first thank you goes out to YOU. All of YOU reading this that have sent comments and emails this season, who have followed the blog and offered advice, support and encouragement – THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! It feels really good to hear from you and having some ability to motivate and inspire you is better than any podium position I can get myself. Your success is my top priority! I guess I really am moving into coach mode… even if I am focused on another season! I hope that together we can be the best we can possibly be in 2009. Thanks so, so much! Okay, on to the long list of wonderful people in my life….READ THE REST OF THIS STORY HERE

XTERRA France… even if I didn’t make it there this year I guess I was there…


To Troy at ProCity Cycle. You are a wizard. It is inspiring to see someone do what they do so well and take such pride in workmanship. I am stoked you are my friend and I can’t believe what you did to my bike for Worlds. I am more disappointed just thinking about the work you did. You rock. Your wife is pretty cool too. Thanks to all of the boys and girls at Procity with a special mention of Aaron. Even you Bill -but to a lesser extent. Just kidding. I love you lots too.

Honorable mentions go to 3sports in Richmond, VA and to Biker’s Edge in Utah for their support this year. There were also contributions from the Bike Lane in Virginia and QBP throughout the season. I really appreciate the network of amazing stores I get a chance to visit.

Thanks to Markus and Harold at Pacific Massage Therapy for keeping me injury free. Thanks to Day Deans-Buchan for chiropractic excellence at Cedar Hill Sports Therapy. No one is even close to the talent she possesses. You rock, sister! To Paul and Lisa at Broadmead Orthopedic Physiotherapy…not only are you good physiotherapists, you are pretty fun people too.

To BMC – Scott, thank you for being the most wonderful “boss” ever. I was very honored to ride such wonderful bikes. I only wish we could have done even more. I totally appreciate the huge team effort that came from everyone at QBP. To Ryan, thanks for the gorgeous uniforms this year. To Marty, nice photos! To Linda Sue, you make a great fluffer. Thanks so much Todd and Steve for the great opportunity. Hope your next year is great!

To the ladies and gents at Nature’s Path – could I have a more perfect fit? Organic, yummy food from a company concerned about environmental sustainability. The corporate values at NP are similar to what people would adopt personally. That is hugely commendable. I loved every opportunity to hang out with the people at Nature’s Path and without a doubt, my ability as an athlete improved exponentially, right around when I started working with these people. You inspire me.

To the boys at Sundog Eyewear – Thanks for the cheers! You guys make great stuff that I love to wear. I am so excited about this brand it is crazy. If you don’t have a pair of these glasses you should get some. From the super funky Constable glass to the new and amazing Triathlon Interchange, the quality and fit of these glasses is amazing. Thank you for making such great stuff.

To Maxxis – What a season! Always a perfect tire for any race and any conditions. One flat this year in Fontana and what do you do when a four inch spike goes through your tire? Honestly, Maxxis makes the best tires. I am so happy to ride them.

To Shimano – Flawless shifting every single race this year. Nothing works better and no one is more committed to perfection than the folks at Shimano. Electronic Dura Ace, how cool is that? Thank you for the amazing ride again this year.

To Titec and Profile – Components I can trust. Even making wetsuits that keep me in the hunt for the win. Thank you for your commitment to my racing. Here is looking at another amazing season to come!

To Gu Sports – Holly, Moritz, Brooke and Tommy are the best! Thank you for keeping me fueled and hydrated on course and also for being amazing friends.

To Pactimo – You make the nicest clothing I have ever worn. Custom sublimated arm, knee and legwarmers are kickass. Thank you so much for making such a superhuman effort to get my beautiful World Championships outfit to me on time. I really appreciated the quality and the look of all the cycling and triathlon apparel. You make me look good!

To Saris – David, you are a great friend and a good business mentor to me! Thanks so much for keeping me apprised of what is cool and useful in the category of Power Measurement. Powertap is the best measurement device on the market. I love my road and mountain bike Powertaps, I love the new Powerbeam load generating trainer and I still use my Pro300PT bike. Objective data is the key to self coaching. I could not win without these products. Thank you for those and for the Thelma rack. She is a beauty.

To Fox – Mark, the new 2009 Fox forks are insane. What a privilege to ride such stiff yet responsive forks. Thank you again for your support this year!

To Saucony – Thank you for making me custom Type As to run in and for outfitting me in some of the most gorgeous apparel I have ever seen. It was great to be part of such a top notch program and I totally appreciate all you did to get me onboard this season. Thanks Carrie for the cheers at Vineman!

To Lazer Helmets – Belgian art! My custom Canadian flag helmets were such a hit this year and I love the Rollsys Fit System. No headaches in these helmets. The most comfortable, light and strong helmets out there.. thanks Joris and Sean.

To USANA – Healthy all year. The best form of my life. There is no question USANA was a big part of all of that. Thanks to USANA nutritionals I controlled all I could, arrived the best I could be and did all in my power to have great races. The only nutritionals I trust. Thanks Alan!

To Fizik – Thanks for keeping my butt happy in comfy saddles. I also have become a big fan of Fizik cool bar tape on my mountain bikes. Fizik is Italian for cool. Well maybe not, but they are cool. Thanks Suzette!

To TYR – Goggle line free goggles. Nice! Thanks Ryan for unleashing me with the fastest swim gear available, the nicest bikinis, the coolest board shorts and the nicest goggles on the market. The TYR program contains all the superstars. Oh, and me.

To Genuine Innovations – Big Airs save Big Time when you are in need. Thanks Mike for the insurance against disaster. I would choose nothing else.

To Albabici – The SciCon Atlas is the nicest bike case you have ever seen. Thanks Gianluca for a gorgeous piece of luggage that the Air Canada agents go nuts over. Much appreciated when I am travelling with such important pieces of equipment!

To – We only just started this season. Racergirl Television is only in its infancy but was born because of your support. Thanks for providing us with the best active video equipment on the market. 2009 should be fun!

To Twin Six apparel – Funky cool tees that send the right message. Thanks for hooking me up with the girly versions. I love them!

Finally, to the citizens of the United States of America – thank you for sharing your wonderful country with me this year. I absolutely love the vast diversity of thought and culture in the US and really enjoy setting off on my pilgrimage across your country with the XTERRA circus each year. In my travels I have met some other exemplary individuals and I would like to name a few of them. Thank you to the Kay family including Kim, Brent, Michael, Justin and Billy in California. Thank you to Dianne and Mark in Alabama, to Jay Paul in Richmond, and to the Coutinho family in Virginia (I love you Cathy!!). Thanks to Mark and Lisa Young and family in Sonoma for sharing my first 70.3. Congratulations to Bonnie and Adam in Utah and thanks! To the Burt family in Gunnison (among our favorite people on Earth), to Kevin Deighan in Vail, to the Batizy-Wells in Boulder, and last but certainly NOT least, to Rick and Gail in Truckee…your contributions to my success are without measure. If I didn’t stay with friends throughout the season I could not do what I do. Sharing time and stories with you is what makes this sport interesting and inspiring.

There were some foreigners too – Thank you to Dave and Sue in Bermuda. And thanks to Ross’s brother Alex along with Alison and Charlotte. Great to visit you guys in Vancouver for the Nationals and see your gorgeous home. I love North Van.

Thanks to my partner Ross. He is my training partner and my mental coach. Mostly he just thinks I am mental but I guess he likes that in a girl. Without support from those people closest to you the lows seem too low and the highs just aren’t high enough. Thanks for putting up with selfishness and making this all seem like it makes sense! xoxo

Thank you so much to my brother Shawn. He is the brains behind this online magazine we call If I have an idea, Shawn makes it a reality. He is also instrumental in pointing me towards the newest and coolest online developments to ensure we stay on the forefront of what you can do with a weblog. Thanks l’il bro! If you need something, contact us. He might be able to help you too. Thanks to my brother Ryan and his family. Having them be online watching the worst race of my life and then saying they love me anyways is pretty awesome. What was especially awesome was my five year old nephew Jack saying “We aren’t watching the right race. Auntie Mel isn’t in front!” Haha.. my #1 fan. Thanks to my dad for trying his best to figure out where the hell is Mel. And to my Mom who does her best to try to follow as well. It isn’t really NORMAL to do what I do.

Finally, Ross’s family. You are all the bestest ever. If ever there was a group of inspirational overachievers I dunno if they have ever all been related. The Taylors are incredible. Especially Anne Taylor. Love you so much Anne!

To the NTC – Training with the kids is keeping me on my toes and keeps me motivated. I love the fact that triathlon has morphed into the huge sport it is and I love the fact we can all focus on our discipline of triathlon and the excellence that is required. Pat and Neil, I love your candor and your humor. Here’s looking forward to another season!

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