Up Next: Speaking With The Caveman

LA Tri Club presents Conrad Stoltz & Melanie McQuaid

Tuesday, May 13, 2008, 06:00 PM
The Proud Bird banquet center
11022 Aviation Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045



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Welcome The Shiver to the BMC Family

This is much better camera work than my last post! This video is pretty long but it is a good look at the Shiver for 2008. I was riding singletrack beside a road while Marty the master cameraman zoomed beside me in a top down Mustang driven by Scott… so without further ado and featuring the beautiful BMC Shiver..enjoy the show..


PowerTap SL 2.4 Disc, Cool Ad – Even Cooler New Product!

I TOLD you it was coming… look for this in the coming weeks and ask in a dealer near you. The Powertap mountain bike power measurement hub is now available. Get’em while they’re HOT!

Oh, and check out the new custom Lazer helmet… red/white Canadian style…

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One Of The Coolest Looking Ads I Have Been A Part Of

This one is in the all time favorite list… along with that cool Shimano flip the two finger salute ad. Nice huh? This bike arrives in my size next week….so excited!!!




The only difference with my race bike will be I have pedals on it haha… and bottle cages for some Gu2O, that will help… and I will ride a riser.

Thanks to Fi:zi’k for the beautiful World Champ saddle.. that I will only ride for Xterras.

I also have special World Champ triathlon kit from Descente coming. Soooo cool. Same beautiful yellow/green motif to represent my partnership with Nature’s Path.

The schedule may have to change… I may not make it to the Fontana NMBS race but I am still trying to. In the meantime, I am going back to the roots of my mountain bike beginning and racing the Parksville Hammerfest! Isn’t it so funny how "hardcore" local mountain bike race names are? Haha, actually, Hammerfest is a super fun, technical race where we have a mass start. This is the annual "show Ross who’s boss of the mountain bike" race, as he normally schools me on our technical training rides but once we turn it into a race I usually get the upper hand. Stay tuned..