Fun post-Oceanside 70.3 Interview With Triathlete Magazine

I had a quick chat with Aaron Hersh at the finishline in Oceanside, CA about my race and my new Trek bike. You can tell I was somewhat stoked about the event.


I meant it when I said XTERRA is where it is at. Although I am in the process of adding some paved challenges to my schedule as we speak 🙂


I decided maybe I need one more kick at the 70.3 World can.


Enjoy the show.

Jeremy Sayers XTERRA Canada Highlights Video

Look for Ross at 5:58 Laughing .  In the end I am quoted somewhat out of context but what I meant at the end of the video is any triathlete that has the skills and fitness to do XTERRA Canada doesn’t need to prove anything else.  To do XTERRA requires a well rounded skill set so if you are done with the ultra long stuff… come on over to XTERRA where we have a solid challenge for you.  The sport of XTERRA has some phenomenal athletes in it and I am proud we finally have a great event in Canada to find more of them!