Announcing The Rudy Project Winners!

Well that was fun!  I really appreciate all who took the time to watch my video and weigh in on the debate as to which Rudy Project glasses I should wear this year.

So the winners were actually selected by Rudy Project themselves.  If you contact me after you read your name here I will put you in touch with Rudy to select whichever pair you would like for yourself.

Thank you for playing and stay tuned for more fun contests this summer!

Without further ado, here are the winning comments and a brief description of why:


Why?   The first comment to connect “REVENGE” with Maui ended up a winner

Ruud Witte: Hi Mel, it is all about a “revenge” of last years Maui race. so that’s the one I should choose. The revenge makes you faster, stronger and younger:-) Go Vegas



Why?  Seems like a true Mel fan…

Mel, you look great in all those lenses. Go with the Revenge, they fit you really well and make you look tough as nails! Plus that tint is dark enough, at the post race interviews, no one will notice you looking at the chocolate instead of the camera. Also, I bet they’ll be the best at keeping you from getting a little niggle in your eyes while racing. Best of luck to you this season.



From comments section:


Why? Pretty darn creative…

Jake Frackson 2012-04-16 19:23

The competitors are rippin through Quebec at the Tremblant 70.3. Out of nowhere a mysterious beast on two wheels shows up. Gliding along on the sickest trek speed concept yet, a mysterious new racer slices through the pack. With the hottest new Hyper Mask glasses from Rudy on and a ridiculously aero helmet to boot, the mysterious heroine shreds through the French Canadien landscape. Who is this mysterious racer? Of course it’s no other than Mel McQuaid! Representing the radest part of Canada, the beautiful West Coast! Mel kills it again and dominates the women’s field with a landslide victory! – Just a prediction from one of your West Coast fans, keep up the rad racing! PS lovin’ the latest Racer Girl vids

Canadian Championships is Coming Soon!

You don’t have to be Canadian to race the Canadian Championships but you will  have the chance to line up against the best pros in the business.  This race is a perfect hit out to sharpen your form or get a spot for the Maui World Championships.  Whistler is the place where my XTERRA career began and it is sure to be the best venue yet.  Come and see me Saturday on site for a Q&A for all your last minute concerns and Ironman competitors:  all Ironman Canada participants who race in Whistler have the chance to win a wetsuit just by showing up!

See ya there!


Obviously this contest will end on SUNDAY… but if you are closest guessing my time for the XTERRA World Championships (to the second..) you will WIN!!!

I will be more clear… the person who guesses my FINISHING TOTAL TIME for the race on Sunday is going to win this year’s contest.

What do you win, you say?????

An oh so skeezy custom Pactimo Maui Mel edition short sleeved cycling jersey AND a matching custom signed version of the very trisuit I am sporting at the World Championships this year. There are only TWO of these things in the whole world. ONE for Mel to wear for the television coverage of this year’s event and ONE for the winner of this contest.

This lovely outfit comes complete with Mel’s signature and a matching jersey… aloha!

You must be a registered user to win as you ENTER by posting a COMMENT on this blog. REGISTER TODAY FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN!!!

Do your research…..check the weather network…. and expect some fast racing!

The contest will end at 9am Hawaii time on Sunday… as soon as the race starts. The webmaster is going to post a comment at race start so if you don’t get your time in before that…yer outta luck. Also, if you guess a time that someone has already guessed… the first post will win. You might need to go through the list to decide your strategy.

Here is the small print: In the event of a tie… that is, two people are EXACTLY the same time from my actual time….naturally the faster time is going to win. GOOD LUCK!!!

Win free GU Energy Gel


Share your best smack talkin’ good luck wishes with Mel by commenting below and win an autographed 6-pack gift box of GU’s delicious Mint Chocolate holiday flavor, with a gift tag made out to the triathlete of your choice! And because we’re feeling extra jolly, we’ll throw in a ho-ho-ho helping of assorted GU flavors and GU2O.

Twelve lucky winners will be chosen by Mel herself, so make those entries extra special and extra creative. Also make them fit to print, as we’ll post the winning entries right here on this page.

Contest runs through 11/2/07. Winners will be notified by 11/5/07, and winning gift packages will be delivered by 12/15/07. Entries limited to US and Canada mailing addresses.

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