Racergirl Television Episode ONE

Episode ONE is now available for viewing!

As we tried to convey in the trailer, Racergirl Television is going to be about more than XTERRA. It is going to be a show about anything and everything triathlon and cycling. As I attend a number of events and training camps for both triathlon and cycling, I thought I could get a good variety of information from all of them for you to enjoy. Our first episode, however, coincided with the XTERRA National Championships in Tahoe. Originally this show was going to be a guided tour of the bike course. Then we lost a bunch of the video, ha! So it changed to more of a documentary of what I was thinking and doing before I did the race.

I love all of the feedback I have been getting. Please keep it coming! I am making these videos for you to enjoy so if you like it or hate it, let me know.

Click on “Read More” to turn the page and see the show. Thanks for watching!


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RACERGIRL Television – Coming Soon!

Racergirl Television is about to go LIVE!!

Our first episode will be aired on October 13th. We are in Lake Tahoe right now getting ready for the most exciting XTERRA USA National Championships ever – and will give you an insider’s perspective of this race in our first episode. Sneak peeks at the course, some tips from the top pros and a view of the television production.. all here for your enjoyment.

We welcome requests for future episodes and all input in the comments and forum section of the website.. but you must register to post. All registered users will also be treated to a sneak preview of the show BEFORE October 13th so register HERE to be included.

So without futher delay, here is your teaser preview of RACERGIRL Television: