Down for the count

The first cycling training camp of the season went quite well. I actually felt myself getting fitter each day as I piled on about 22 hours of cycling in five days. However, tis the season for social engagements as well. So after my lovely 26 hour week (including swimming but not including 3 hours of plyometrics and a yoga class) I went to Ross’s staff party. A 3 am bedtime was not part of the proper training protocol so my post-camp week has been pretty awful……


Funny that I should now be on my third complete day off feeling like crap, with bronchitis and Acute Respiratory Disease which I would just call a Freaking Bad Cold with a cough and every other fun thing associated with that. I can feel my lungs crying with pain as I cough one, and then the other, right out of my chest. Nasty.

Still managed to feed my extended family turkey, ham, brussel sprouts (with cream and gouda cheese, everyone ate them), root vegetables and stuffing. Forgot to bust out the cranberry so that is going to the food bank this year. Hopefully I did not spread this to all of them because the day after my family Christmas dinner I was laid out on the couch sick as a dog. Whether it was the two days stressing out to pull it together while I was kind of sick I don’t know. Ross has his family Xmas tonite and I am not sure I will be able to attend. I am not getting better right now so I would hate to have someone get this.

I guess it was time for a good old fashioned mega rest week. I will probably be better for it. But for right now, this is really, really not fun.

Booking travel for next season to brighten up the day. Lots of big news on the horizon 🙂

So for all of you out there, happy holidays! Remember, you have to balance a reasonable amount of training with a reasonable amount of partying. I chose an unreasonable amount of both (which is my M.O.) and am suffering the consequences.

Of course, I am guaranteed to do the same again

All the best!



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