Monday Night Going Off at SpinCity!

Just in time to start the build towards the coming season, your friends at Catalyst are going to offer pro spin sessions to get your ass in shape for 2012.  Why wait until January 1st?  We have the program starting sooner.

I am going to have a 10 week session of classes from 6:30-7:45pm on Monday nights where we are going to work on pedal technique, speed, power, endurance, overall strength on the bike, and best of all CORE strength!  Yes, my death trainer sessions include time OFF the trainer.  You are going to have so much fun.  I love these sessions… I get to rock out to all the bar music without people drooling, sweating or puking on me.  Oh wait, there might be some sweatiness.  I love me some Ke$ha, yo!  You can sign up online  … first 12 to sign up are guaranteed the awesome Cycleops spin bikes and don’t have to drag their bike and trainer around!

This class is for all levels… YOU control the majority of the suffering that you will endure.  No one is dropped, no one left behind, no one not having fun (at least when we are done) and everyone will get fitter doing this.  The class is geared towards a successful season of strong riding but anyone can do it.

Go to: Nic Hamilton from the Jellybelly team also has a fantastic class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings that you could choose as an alternative to mine or even an intensive weekend class if you are so OVER riding in the rain.  Or you can sign up for ALL of it and ride your bike like a mad fool over the winter.  Why wouldn’t you?

See you there!




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