With A Rebel Yell, We Went For More, More, More….

This weekend was the polar opposite of last weekend. Instead of cold, muddy and rainy, we got super hot, humid and sandy in sunny Southern Ontario. I like the hot and sandy course at Hardwood Hills much better, and had a bit better weekend as a result, but still not what I was looking for. We had two races this past weekend. On Saturday I won the short track, which was a good start, but again on Sunday, I ended up going backwards on the last lap and ended up fourth. I had lots of problems during the day, and nearly dropped out had it not been for some great cheering from junior Emily Batty I would have stopped trying to fix my mechanical (I was about 100 metres from the start finish) so thanks for that! Marek Lazarski was also really great, one of the photographers, and he has been a great cheerleader the last two weeks! I am really frustrated from my last two cross country races, but I think these lessons I have been learning having races with adversity will help me be better at more important races this season. Regardless, I was looking forward to better results, but will be more hungry next weekend at the nationals as a result. Lots of funny things happened in Barrie (well, they are funny now) so to our weekend we go back?. Continue reading “With A Rebel Yell, We Went For More, More, More….”

The Never Ending Cold?

Nothing makes an athlete more grumpy than a cold. Taking time off to lay in bed feeling miserable is not quality rest, it is pure torture. Especially while you watch your training partners out training, getting fitter and winning races while you struggle to even turn the pedals. This spring, I had two MONTHS of alternating sick in bed a few days, feeling miserable a few days, a few days of crappy training, then one positive training day, only to find myself back in bed sick. It has been a nightmare. Lots of people I know have told stories about themselves or co-workers dealing with nightmarish flu bugs and allergies this season, but this experience has been something altogether new for me. Now, two months after my first symptoms of a cold, I am finally on antibiotics, but hopefully this is the last step to getting healthy. Continue reading “The Never Ending Cold?”